02 Oct '06

VBMA – re-launches with Rubber Republic onboard

The Viral and Buzz Marketing Association (VBMA) re-launched last week, with Rubber Republic as one of its 14 founding trustee companies. After a rocky start 2 years ago, the VBMA has for the moment toned-down its aspirations and is starting … Read More

19 Sep '06

New Numa Nuttiness

Hats off to Gary Brolsma; he’s done it again. The internet hero, creator and star of the massively popular ‘Numa Numa’ clip, has turned his fame into profit by heavily merchandising a follow-up music video. Naturally, the message board Nazis … Read More

12 Sep '06

Lucy Gao’s infamous invitation

You’ve probably already heard of the global phenomenon spawned by the 21 year old Lucy Gao but it’s so good it’s worth a mention.

Lucy is an intern for Citigroup bank of Canary Warf, London. She recently sent an … Read More

25 Aug '06

The latest round of social network land-grabbing

Facebook, the UK’s teen based social networking site has just signed a deal with Microsoft. Microsoft will supply banner ads and sponsored links to Facebook using their adCenter technology, which was launched in May, as a rival to Google’s AdWords … Read More

09 Aug '06

Google pay $900m to Murdoch’s MySpace

In response to the potential bid by Viacom for Bebo, Google and MySpace are set to join forces in a three year deal that will give Murdoch’s Fox Network – the owners of MySpace – $900m in exchange for exclusive … Read More

09 Aug '06

Viacom takeover of Bebo on the horizon?

Last year Bebo lost out on a bid to buy MySpace to Fox’s News Corp, which bought the social networking site for $580m. But Viacom could be back in the running; rumours abound that they have almost made a deal … Read More

02 Aug '06

Virgin Mobile Base-jumping

London based digital agency Unit9 have just created a viral game for Virgin Mobile which promises to give players the chance to win tickets to this summer’s Virgin V Festival – which incidentally shifted all of its tickets within the … Read More

31 Jul '06

YouTube Mania

YouTube, the leading online video hub, announced last week that a hundred million videos are being watched per day on their site. Estimates suggest that this accounts for 60% of all video watched online and that it accounts for a … Read More

27 Jul '06

Fox Atomic

Fox, the American film giant is launching an entertainment and social networking site called Fox Atomic. Fox’s main motivation in doing this is not just to promote its upcoming films, but to generate advertising revenues via a large and tight … Read More

10 Jul '06

Statistical breakdown of online shared content

These stats are based on the only comprehensive survey that has been conducted on viral/shared media. Although the survey was conducted in the US and the results may be slightly different from the UK market, they still reflect universal trends … Read More