Our media is filled with catastrophic stories. It can feel like society is slipping into crisis every time you read the news, stream a drama, or watch a nature show.

But around the world growing numbers of people are coming together to challenge this seeming descent into oblivion, with innovative and potentially transformative ideas and projects –  from collective energy to agroecology to shared ownership and new economic models.

It seems that we’re brilliant at dramatising the terrible stories of unhinged individuals wreaking havoc,  but not so good at making exciting the more vital, often humble and multiple hero’s who could inspire hope and action in the direction we need. The stories are out there but they get little airtime beyond the dry functional headlines and the geekier end of the business pages.

Why? And how can we do our best to tell propositional stories that cut through? What are the narrative traits of positive, and collective action storytelling that connects to audiences? 

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