💚 Now more than ever we need to help show people positive routes forward 💚 

Which is why it’s exciting to be kicking off a new project for 2024 doing just that! 

 The Crown Estate and Triodos Bank have come on board, alongside WaterBear Network as media partner, for ‘Sea, Land, City’ – a Wonderoom initiative and documentary made  to bring to life powerful nature based solutions across the UK, starting with South-West England.

Filming Spring 2024

Rubber Republic will produce the film in partnership with the amazing Mairead Cahill and WONDEROOM, filming in Spring 2024. 

We’ll trek, wade and forage our way through the South West to meet nature based projects and the people behind them – to make visible for what’s already happening to restore nature, and what we could build on to go further. 

Series such as David Attenborough’s Wild Isles have made audiences aware that the UK is one the most nature depleted countries on earth, but what can we do about that? This project aims to show that solutions are already out there and momentum is already building 🌱🌊 🙌 

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