17 Mar '17

We’re a Shorty Award finalist

Really chuffed that our Star Wars AT-AT project – with the wonderful Colin Furze, for eBay UK – is a finalist in this year’s Shorty Awards (assuming there’s not been some kind of envelope mix-up, of course).

Here, look, it’s official an’ everything:

And … Read More

02 Feb '17

Launching a 200km/h Cocktail

We’ve just released a new piece of work for Hackett London – the latest in our little series of ‘extreme pursuits (in suits)’ films. This time, we’ve got a pair of debonair skydivers making a 12,000ft jump, effortlessly mixing a gin … Read More

09 Dec '16

New work! Giant Star Wars AT-AT Garden Den (with Colin Furze, for eBay UK)

eBay UK wanted to celebrate the joy of gifting – and to show that it’s the ideal place to find the perfect present (however weird and wonderful that present might be).

So we teamed up with the brilliant Colin Furze (stuntman, inventor and YouTuber) to build a … Read More

28 Oct '16

We’re featured in a new report – on ‘New Content Creators’

We were pleased to be asked recently to contribute to a new publication from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). They were putting together a report on ‘New Content Creators’ – so Matt, our Director, spoke to them about our experience producing films … Read More

30 Sep '16

We won a thing – Lovie Award for ‘Head vs Heart’ (Nordeus/Top Eleven)

What’s the right reaction these days when winning an award? Run around the streets cheering your own greatness over a loudhailer in an embarrassing display of self-congratulation? Play it cool and brush it off like it’s no big deal? Go for a bit of … Read More

04 Aug '16

Out now: sporadic email roundup of excellent internet film stuff that we like and so will you

We’ve embraced the bleeding edge of digital social sharing technology: yep, we’re sending out an email newsletter to share some of our favourite internet stuff with people.

Here’s the sort of thing you can expect.

We’ll send one out every couple of months, probably. … Read More

08 Jul '16

Work with us: internet creative geniuses wanted

Hey there! We’re looking to hire a  writer / creative. This is a full time salaried role in our Bristol office. Want the job?

How to apply

There are two (simple) stages to application which shouldn’t take … Read More

28 Jun '16

Do you know someone who knows how to jump start the internet?

Are you, or do you know, an obsessive internet evangelist who has ideas that are genuinely brilliant?

Rubber Republic are looking for people to work in our Bristol office who have awesome ideas for internet arousing films which aren’t porn.

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29 Apr '16

Wanted: businesses doing good

Here’s the key to good social advertising: mutual benefit.

It’s the shift away from The Advertiser attempting to bait or con or bludgeon Attention out of an unaware or even unwilling Victim Viewer – and towards, instead, both parties wanting to be there and getting something … Read More

01 Apr '16

Brands, everyone’s had it with your rubbish April Fools. Here’s why.

Have you gotten the impression that April Fools’ Day has turned a bit of a corner this year? And not a good corner, either. More like it’s wandered off the nice, familiar main road and stumbled into a dismal dead-end alleyway. And then fallen down a hole. … Read More