29 Apr '16

Wanted: businesses doing good

Here’s the key to good social advertising: mutual benefit.

It’s the shift away from The Advertiser attempting to bait or con or bludgeon Attention out of an unaware or even unwilling Victim Viewer – and towards, instead, both parties wanting to be there and getting something … Read More

01 Apr '16

Brands, everyone’s had it with your rubbish April Fools. Here’s why.

Have you gotten the impression that April Fools’ Day has turned a bit of a corner this year? And not a good corner, either. More like it’s wandered off the nice, familiar main road and stumbled into a dismal dead-end alleyway. And then fallen down a hole. … Read More

11 Mar '16

How to make social video that works – Part 2: collaborate with your collaborators

As we may have mentioned, we make stuff that works. In a world where audiences roll their eyes and rush to the ‘skip’ button at old-school trailer-style/broadcast ads, we create video content that people love and enjoy and actively seek … Read More

23 Feb '16

How and why you should be measuring share-to-view ratios

KPIs! AVE! RTs! Balanced scorecards! Unique pageviews! Percent possession in the opponent’s final third! Everybody loves a ‘success metric’. (Or, let’s be honest, what many of these things end up being in reality: a vanity number.)

But, for all the … Read More

18 Jan '16

How to make social video that *works* – Part 1: ‘I can’t believe that line got signed off’

Our stuff works. We make brand films for the internet that people love, rather than tolerate. Our videos earn fantastic engagement from target audiences, consistently impressive sharing rates and, yes, even the odd award. When we work on a social … Read More

24 Nov '15

Digital Heroes 3

In this, the third instalment in the series, we chat to Rachael Clark, Digital Marketing Manager at Marie Curie, who collaborated with us to produce the ‘game changing’ Bodyform – The Truth video, when she held the … Read More

30 Oct '15

The Risk Takers Survival Guide at The Rooms Festival

Our interactive documentary ‘The Risk Takers Survival Guide’ (made with REACT and Exeter University) will launch online as The Rooms Festival in Bristol next week.

The Rooms Festival is billed as “a playground for new ideas” and takes you … Read More

04 Sep '15

Digital Heroes 2

This month we speak to Pierre Paoli, EMEA Digital Strategy Director at Maxus, who helped us to realise ‘The Motherhood’ and ‘The Fatherhood’ videos for the Fiat 500L

What time do you get … Read More

30 Jul '15

New Series – Digital Heroes

Charlie Almond, Head of Sponsorship PR at Dentsu Aegis Network Sport & Entertainment was integral in helping us to realise the ‘Gillette Trick Shot’ video with Roger Federer (now … Read More

15 May '15

The opportunity for brands who are honest, understanding and BOLD!

The internet is incredible. Where else would you be able to find video of a lion in a cardboard box?

Or a picture of weasel hitching a ride on the back of a hummingbird?

For brands looking … Read More