23 Dec '14

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HIRING: Head of Development

Rubber Republic exist to tell provocative, smart stories about things people care about. We tell & share stories for broadcasters, online publishers and brands, and now the time has come to expand our team to help unearth more of these … Read More

19 Oct '14

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That Fresh New Website Smell!

After a flurry of work over the last few years, our website was increasingly starting to creak and show its age. We tried to keep inviting it out onto the internet but it really had started forget basic html and basically … Read More

21 Aug '14

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Tiff makes The Drum’s ’50 Under 30′

Tiffany got worthy recognition by making The Drum’s Top 50 women in digital under 30.

We are presuming it’s not ranked in order as to paraphrase Brian Clough “In our opinion we wouldn’t say she’s the best woman working in … Read More

Ramillas Interactive Fund Win

We’ve just come back from Sheffield Doc Fest (after having a blast) and not only was it a privilege to see all of the great work on show, but we’ve also managed to scoop a beautiful award in the … Read More

02 Jun '14

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#WelcomeToCoffee for Taylors of Harrogate

We’ve just launched a series of videos made for Taylors of Harrogate, kicking things off with a bang in a quest to make the Ultimate Cup of Coffee. See it here:

The #WelcomeToCoffee channel on Taylors YouTube page comprises of … Read More

09 Apr '14

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ROOband – The Analogue Wearable Fitness Tracker!

Here’s a video we’ve been working on in association with Cheil Worldwide – the ROOband – put the fun back into run!

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03 Jan '14

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More Trumpet Blowing…

It’s been a really exciting few months at Rubber HQ. Our very own Tiffany Maddox won Bristol Media’s Brand You Award for “Video, Viral and Online”. We were also winners at the first ever Mashies Awards in “Best Use … Read More

5 Animals You Should Be Following On Instagram

1) Lil Bub – The tongue happy cat

2) Yoghurt – The pirate dog

3) Norm – The pug

4) Darcy – The flying hedgehog

5) … Read More

New Work: The Tea Song!

Fun fact: The Rubber Republic team basically runs on cups of tea and biscuits. In fact at this point, it’s actually hard to imagine getting through a day without a few brews to keep us going. So … Read More

3.1 Things You Might Want To Know About GIFs

1) GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and was introduced to the world by Compuserve in 1987. To put that in context, that’s the same year that Johnny Marr left The Smiths, which was quite a while ago.

2) … Read More