02 Jun '14

#WelcomeToCoffee for Taylors of Harrogate

We’ve just launched a series of videos made for Taylors of Harrogate, kicking things off with a bang in a quest to make the Ultimate Cup of Coffee. See it here:

The #WelcomeToCoffee channel on Taylors YouTube page comprises of … Read More

18 Apr '12

YouTube Procrastination

A little while ago I decided to do something dangerous…

I wanted to figure out how much time I’d wasted/procrastinated watching YouTube videos, since I set up an account in February of 2007.

The ‘videos watched’ feature is no longer … Read More

15 Sep '11

Three of the Most Influential UK Based Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers have become more and more influential in recent years. With a big enough reach some of them have the power to make or break a product with a single review. We’ve tracked down three of the biggest and … Read More

18 Apr '11

Dancing Queen

Heading up the viral chart this week is the latest offering from T-Mobile ‘Life is for sharing’ campaign. A video that takes one of the most mum friendly memes and puts a right royal spin on it just in time … Read More

21 Apr '10

RIP internet meme

I was saddened to read that massively popular internet meme ‘Hitler finds out … ‘ is as doomed as the Third Reich leader’s attempt to win the war.

Internet memes don’t get better than this … you take a … Read More

06 Apr '10

Viral Ad Network partners with New Media Age

How do you measure the success of an online video campaign? Is success based on the weight of views or does the natural pass along effect of people sharing among friends, peers, family members and social networks provide a true … Read More

11 Mar '10

Lessons in Shareability #2: OK Go have OK Gone.

So a few month’s ago, Chris blogged about the importance of shareability, using the example OK Go’s inability to set their videos free on the internet (EMI forbade making them embeddable).

This was a very good example of how content … Read More

16 Dec '09

Publicis and the YouTube Bear Pit

Everyone has an inner-agency-bitch. Your inner-bitch is most likely to surface when you see another agency’s work. If the work’s from an agency you like you’ll irrationally love it. If it’s from an agency you hate – hate stemming largely … Read More

30 Nov '09

YouTube turns back the clock in first ad campaign

TV ads, press ads and bus sides is not the most obvious place for YouTube to turn to for its first ad campaign. After all, the YouTube phenomenon was built on the back of online buzz and word-of-mouth.

However, the … Read More