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21 Dec '10

Most viral brands of 2010 [infographic]

2010 has definitely been a great year for brands going viral. After a relatively slow start to year with only the Old Spice campaign adding any spice to the digital marketing sphere, things hotted up around the World Cup with … Read More

21 Oct '10

Fax is the new email: OFFICIAL

A friend of mine who runs his own (pharmacy sales) business got this email through from a Fax marketeer yesterday. I thought it was a truly left-field genius piece of marketing thinking, positioning Fax-marketing as the new email-marketing.

Remember you … Read More

06 Sep '10

Most viral brands of 2010

We (@Rubber_Republic) run the NMA’s brand viral chart, collating and analysing the performance of brand content on a weekly basis – all done using our natty Viral Ad Network. As a quick round up of the year so far, we’ve … Read More