20 Mar '12

3 Things I learned at SXSW

1) There’s an app for that.

Of the thousands of descendants into Austin every March, I’m almost positive that 86% of them are there to launch an app. Flyers are thrust into your hands everywhere you go, QR … Read More

04 May '10

New internet meme anyone?

This week’s NMA UGC viral video chart has drawn attention to the ‘Gap Yah’ student phenomenon, which appears to be turning into a fully-fledged internet meme.

There’s a good chance we all knew someone at school or University who joined … Read More

06 Apr '10

Viral Ad Network partners with New Media Age

How do you measure the success of an online video campaign? Is success based on the weight of views or does the natural pass along effect of people sharing among friends, peers, family members and social networks provide a true … Read More