social media

02 Jun '11

The Tumblr bug

Here at Rubber Towers we’ve become a little bit obsessed with the easy peasy, microblogging platform Tumblr. It’s intuitive design and high meme content makes it a clear winner in the procrastination stakes, but after hours of endless browsing is … Read More

18 Apr '11

Dancing Queen

Heading up the viral chart this week is the latest offering from T-Mobile ‘Life is for sharing’ campaign. A video that takes one of the most mum friendly memes and puts a right royal spin on it just in time … Read More

17 Feb '10

The social media Premiership – the winners and losers.

Football and social media are perfect bed-fellows. Football teams command great allegiance from their fans and accordingly strong communities are built – each community gathering online to discuss their team’s latest game / transfer / scandal. For the majority, the … Read More

15 Dec '09

Social networks roll out the changes

Some interesting changes happening at Twitter and LinkedIn at the moment, which give a hint of where both social networks are heading in the New Year.

Twitter has announced on its official blog it is to begin beta testing a … Read More

13 Nov '09

Google’s vision of the future: Chinese domination, social media and … JedWard

If you work online and want to remain relevant and adaptable in 2014, you had better start taking Mandarin language lessons if Google’s Eric Schmidt is to be believed.

The search engine giant’s CEO has claimed that five years from … Read More

01 Oct '09

Aristotle’s rhetoric – the art of persuasion

I’ve been reading Aristotle’s “ars rhetorica” recently, and thought I’d share some bits I’ve learnt from my (quasi) intellectual musings – as a book titled “the art of rhetoric” is a subject which is (obviously) v.relevant to the advertising industry.

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