30 Jul '10

Postr…now up to *one* user(s)!

The redoubtable Tim Jones at True Digital is Postr user #1 🙂

What’s Postr?

For being the first, I sent Tim a Postr two-fer 😮

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21 Jul '10

Introducing Postr

I’ve invented a thing called “Postr”.

How does it work? I write something interesting and useful on a 2″ sticky note and send it to you by post. Character limit: whatever fits (not a lot, unless I write teeny-tiny).

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04 Jun '10

Andy’s Rules #1524 – Words and Pictures

Text doesn’t express your feelings brilliantly 😐 Most email is misunderstood by recipients. 😮

Same probably goes for blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube comments, and other things that mostly use text like chat apps and forums.

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