03 May '12

#KittenCamp May Digital Shoreditch Special

Kittens ahoy!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re running a Digital Shoreditch #KittenCamp Special

NEXT #KITTENCAMP LONDON date: Mon 28th May, in a special East London venue to tie-in with Digital Shoreditch

Expect the usual *viral shenanigans*, further *meme-battling* … Read More

18 Oct '11

Tumblr Tuesday: Siri Speaks, Hot Protesters and Ninja Turtles

Tumblr Tuesday has had a brief hiatus, due to a lack of awesome Tumblrs. Not to worry though, as we’ve found three of the freshest little blogs for your consumption.

1) Shit Siri Says

In the wake of the … Read More

20 Jul '11

Buttery Biscuity #KittenCamp

Last night’s #KittenCamp went off with a purr and a bang yet again – mostly thanks to our stupendously awesome list of *special guests* supporting my furry meme-curation.

Up first we had our bombastic *meme-battle* between Meme-Master-Meow (me) and the … Read More

26 May '11

Battle of the memes: May #KittenCamp round-up

There’s only one word for this week’s #KittenCamp events – BOOOOOM! Following last month’s New York meme-extravaganza, we upped our game with a series of UK meme firsts.

London’s event on Monday saw *Meme-Master-Meow* go head-to-head with the *LOL Puppy*, … Read More

03 Mar '11

#KittenCamp round-up

It’s been a busy last 2 weeks at #KittenHQ as we’ve been criss-crossing the UK dressed in our favorite cat suits generously sharing memes with industry friends across the country.

We kicked off our #KittenCamp tour in London, … Read More

01 Mar '11

Bristol #KittenCamp playlist

Kitten fish hands

“Firefox has encountered a problem with windows”

Kickboxing kids

Baby Trashes bar

Dead Island trailer [original]

Shaun of the Dead Island

Awkward moment

Vodaphone Double Rainbow

Super-bowl ads – VW the Force

Yoda strikes back

Radiohead … Read More

22 Feb '11

Birmingham #KittenCamp playlist

Kitten vs plastic fortress

“Firefox has encountered a problem with windows”

Epic gorilla man

Dead Island trailer [original]

Dead Island trailer [reverse remix with sound FX]

Justin Bieber U Smile (original)

Justin Bieber U Smile slowed down 800%

(thanks to … Read More

08 Dec '10

Manky #KittenCamp 2

So the odds were against us: there was Man United vs Valencia playing @ Old Trafford, #SMC_MCR doing there thing @ BBC Manchester and then there was lil old #KittenCamp @ Bar Common. But, there was only going to be … Read More

28 Nov '10

#KittenCamp London: kittens, comedy and meme-tales

#KittenCamp kicked off 6 months ago back in May – on the same night David Cameron became Prime Minister I donned my cat suit and curated our inaugural meme-fest. Since then #KittenCamp’s gained some great momentum, as we’ve toured the … Read More

05 Aug '10

August #KittenCamp is go – book now!

The latest #KittenCamp is hotting up, with tickets selling out fast. There’s 90 tickets available (our biggest yet) and (at the time of typing) we’ve only got 20 left.

If you’re unfamiliar with #KittenCamp, it’s a monthly meme meet-up for … Read More