01 Aug '12

The Free Lunch Project

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, right? Wrong.

Have a go on this tasty app we’ve made for the Energy Saving Trust and you could find out you’re sitting on an edible goldmine.

By making simple adjustments … Read More

30 Nov '10

Taking social networking to a dark and seedy place?

Rogue Pictures, the distributors of Catfish, a big Sundance Film Festival hit this year, has come up with a marketing campaign that’s arguably more awesome than awesome itself.

Catfish is advertised as a real-life documentary, following New York-based photographer Nev … Read More

06 Apr '10

Viral Ad Network partners with New Media Age

How do you measure the success of an online video campaign? Is success based on the weight of views or does the natural pass along effect of people sharing among friends, peers, family members and social networks provide a true … Read More

08 Feb '10

Twitter outage during Superbowl silences voices

One of the curious things about Twitter is that the service doesn’t always deliver on what you’d expect from something that is endlessly talked about.

Amid the hype, celebrity endorsements and impressive growth rate (although the steep curve has flat … Read More

15 Dec '09

Social networks roll out the changes

Some interesting changes happening at Twitter and LinkedIn at the moment, which give a hint of where both social networks are heading in the New Year.

Twitter has announced on its official blog it is to begin beta testing a … Read More

28 Sep '09

Is online advertising strangling itself or is it becoming something brilliant?

Over the weekend, Matt sent around a link to a great piece on Techcrunch called Let’s Kill the CPM written by Shelby Bonnie, CEO of Whiskey Media

His remarks about the meaningless nature of pure ad impressions reflect thoughts mentioned … Read More