12 Jan '12

The best of Tumblr 2011

Since Buzzfeed made a list of their favourite Tumblogs from the last 12 months we thought we’d do the same.

Here’s what had us lolling.

Ugly Renaissance Babies

Kim Jong Il dropping the Bass

Texts From Bennett

Photoshop Looter

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15 Sep '11

Three of the Most Influential UK Based Beauty Bloggers

Beauty bloggers have become more and more influential in recent years. With a big enough reach some of them have the power to make or break a product with a single review. We’ve tracked down three of the biggest and … Read More

12 Jul '11

#TumblrTuesday – Online Dating, Dirty Herbs and Velociraptors

It’s that time again…

It seems like lately my favourite day of the week rolls around so quickly. I barely have time to reblog a classic cat gif, before taking on the wonderful task of trawling through Tumblr and panning … Read More

28 Jun '11

Tumblr Tuesday

Unfortunately I missed last week’s #TumblrTuesday and because I’m feeling guilty, I’ve managed to find three of the most epic Tumblr based blogs for your viewing and procrastinating pleasure. Add these recommendations to your dashboards and enjoy. a … Read More

14 Jun '11

The Redesign

I’m slightly perplexed. My most recent web crush Tumblr has undergone a redesign and I’m still undecided about it. As a platform that is generally intuitive, clean and criminally simple to use, it seems strange to start messing with a … Read More

24 Mar '11

Documenting Reality – The Fight, Flight or Film Generation.

If you were caught in the middle of a huge natural disaster, what would your first instinct be? Do you think that your natural fight or flight reaction would take over and carry you to safety, or do you think … Read More

27 Aug '09

Charming Flashmob…

I’m a big fan of comedian Richard Herring and have been since the days of Fist of Fun and TMWRNJ

Having been to his Edinburgh warm-up for his “Hitler’s Moustache” show (which was brilliant) I’ve been following his daily blog … Read More