Rubber Insight

07 Mar '19

How to excel at social video in 2019


In cluttered feeds, it’s the surprising and unexpected that makes you prick your ears up. Offer your audience something they didn’t see coming to trigger engagement and create something they’ll remember.

We often start by thinking “what … Read More

11 Mar '16

How to make social video that works – Part 2: collaborate with your collaborators

As we may have mentioned, we make stuff that works. In a world where audiences roll their eyes and rush to the ‘skip’ button at old-school trailer-style/broadcast ads, we create video content that people love and enjoy and actively seek … Read More

07 Jun '13

5 Friday Favourites

Hi. It’s Jess checking in for my last blog this week.

Spending time with Rubber Republic has been a great experience and has given me a real insight into their process of making creative viral content for client brands. I’ve … Read More

06 Jun '13

Coca-Cola: Happiness without Borders

Coca-Cola equals happiness. Fact. From the Coca-Cola Christmas ads of the 90s to the recent ‘Sharing Can’ ad campaign, Coca-Cola has always provided an antidote to our modern day woes.

Rubber Republic’s viral cravings are curbed by this Coca-Cola ad … Read More

05 Jun '13

Midweek Meow.

I’m Jess and I’m taking over the Rubber Republic blog whilst here on work experience this week.

Of all the sophistiCATS Rubber Republic are familiar with, Choupette Lagerfeld (the feline friend of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld) has to be our … Read More

02 Oct '12

Salad Club

The first rule of salad club, is…

I probably shouldn’t be talking about it.

In our office, salad club goes on behind closed doors, and services a tight nit group, the lucky few who remember to bring something along … Read More

25 May '12

Conan O’Brien explains the importance of seeding

Conan O’Brien: The ‘Ron Burgundy’ Strategy Drives Viewers from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on

I’m sure you don’t need persuading that a seeding strategy is crucial. But you might need ammunition for someone else less convinced?

This … Read More

26 Apr '12

The ‘Awesome’ is dead. Long live ‘Remarkability’!

I’ve always been slightly uncomfortable with the word ‘awesome’; even when it wasn’t a cliche, ‘awesome’ sounded a bit too American and shouty to be pulled off with conviction on this side of the Atlantic.

And while its sentiment … Read More

18 Apr '12

YouTube Procrastination

A little while ago I decided to do something dangerous…

I wanted to figure out how much time I’d wasted/procrastinated watching YouTube videos, since I set up an account in February of 2007.

The ‘videos watched’ feature is no longer … Read More

20 Mar '12

3 Things I learned at SXSW

1) There’s an app for that.

Of the thousands of descendants into Austin every March, I’m almost positive that 86% of them are there to launch an app. Flyers are thrust into your hands everywhere you go, QR … Read More