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24 May '10

6’66” – Sympathy For The Devil (…or how to make Powerpoint interesting)

[Image courtesy of : Wendelboe on Flickr]

The *devil* in question was indeed the force of office evil that is Powerpoint, and Tom Alcott from the Social Network Company gave us a masterclass in how to keep presentations succinct, … Read More

15 Feb '10

Rubber Book Club #3: ‘Connected’

‘Tis Rubber Book Club again and hopefully by now, a few copies of ‘Connected’ will be landing on the desks of our Rubber friends & Book Club Members.

Yes ‘Connected’ may be a bit of a predictable choice: … Read More

10 Feb '10

Lessons from Toyota

Toyota has problems. Eight Million problems. It’s interesting that this has attracted so much attention from mainstream quality media such as the Today programme. My own interest in Toyota – of which some of you are well aware – is … Read More

13 Jan '10

How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips

We’ve put together a handy article for UTalkMarketing: How to make a killer viral marketing video. 5 Top Tips from Rubber Republic.

It’s a nice summary of what we’ve learned in the last ten or so years. Cheers – Andy

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08 Jan '10

10 predictions for advertising in 2010 | Creativity_Unbound

Our creative director Matt just sent me this, it’s quick and interesting: 10 predictions for advertising in 2010 | Creativity_Unbound.

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22 Sep '09

Six Pieces about Sentiment Analysis

I’ve been researching sentiment analysis, and I think I’ve found pieces to suit a range of tastes and interests.


First the notes from a 2008 talk given by Lillan Lee from Cornell University. Lee’s topic is “…the flood of … Read More

18 Sep '09


Recently some silliness was going on in one of my favourite web forums. Toys were thrown from prams, names were being called, it was all very exciting, but only for drama whores, so being community-minded I went looking for something … Read More

13 Aug '09

Not the Best, But in The Top One.

Hope my book of Brian Clough quotes will arrive soon. Can’t wait!

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