In 2020, the Financial Times boldly declared ‘The global pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions is a huge undertaking, and only possible with the help of businesses’. They are right, and with Rishi Sunak’s recent u-turn on Net Zero policies, some of the loudest criticisms were from businesses.

Businesses need a stable world in which to operate and this means taking care of the climate and the natural world on which all businesses depend.

Amplifying the voices of smart businesses who’re calling for this stability is something we’re deeply passionate about and we’ve been fortunate to have worked with organizations such as Business For Nature and Business Declares which led us to form Business Stand Up with the incredible Charlotte Sewell.

Most recently, Business Declares and Business Stand Up came together to organize the most British protest of all time, an orderly queue across Millennium Bridge to sign a declaration calling for urgent governmental climate action.

We were delighted that over 300 business leaders (from The Body Shop, Ella’s Kitchen, Cook, Divine Chocolate among many others) came along to ask for increased action on climate and nature ahead of the UK political party conferences this autumn.

The queue got coverage from the BBC, The Guardian and even got moaned about by Lawrence Fox on GB News (which means we must be on the right track).

Other actions we’ve taken as part of Business Stand Up are encouraging influential business leaders to oppose the Police Bill which removes our right to protest by providing police with unfair and massive power when dealing with protestors and supporting Business Declares at ‘The Big One’

Internationally, we’ve worked with Business For Nature to call on policy makers to support businesses into creating a nature-positive economy which benefits all and ensures a stable financial future for businesses all over the world. 

The latest of these campaigns received huge endorsements from influential figures such as Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Paul Polman and was featured in The Guardian, Financial Times, Bloomberg Green, Business Day and France 24.