🅱️ As the BCorp movement continued to grow lots of people ask us about how and why we became one 5 years ago 🅱️

Our answer is, It makes you feel like you’re part of a superteam (not unlike the Avengers), but instead of saving the planet by fighting aliens, we’re showing the world how we can create positive change by rethinking our business models.

There’s so much inspiration and momentum in our fellow BCorps.

So this B Corp Month, we’re sharing a handful of some of our favourite B Corps that can help YOU level up your positive impact on the world. 🙌

1) Triodos Bank:

Our friends at Triodos have disrupted banking by offering sustainable financial services for people and organisations. As Triodos customers, we’re proud our money has contributed to £8.5 billion of loans to projects benefiting people and the planet.

2) Finisterre:

There are so many clothing brands joining the B Corp movement, but we’re going to shout out this lot from Cornwall for keeping us all cosy and warm this winter. Check out all the amazing activism they’re doing for our Oceans. 🌊

3) Bookshop.org

Want to feed your need for novels and new thinking but without feeding the beast in the room? Bookshop.org not only allows you to curate your own “playlists” of books and share them with others (which is cool – try it!) but they’re a BCorp to boot. Make them your go to book buying bookmark.

This is just a handful of the 6,477 companies (over 1000 now in the UK alone!) that are part of this inspiring movement making business a force for good.

Find out more here: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/b-corp-month

When we come together, there is no doubt that we can go beyond the expected.