Rubber Republic

11 Mar '16

How to make social video that works – Part 2: collaborate with your collaborators

As we may have mentioned, we make stuff that works. In a world where audiences roll their eyes and rush to the ‘skip’ button at old-school trailer-style/broadcast ads, we create video content that people love and enjoy and actively seek … Read More

30 Oct '15

The Risk Takers Survival Guide at The Rooms Festival

Our interactive documentary ‘The Risk Takers Survival Guide’ (made with REACT and Exeter University) will launch online as The Rooms Festival in Bristol next week.

The Rooms Festival is billed as “a playground for new ideas” and takes you … Read More

19 Oct '14

That Fresh New Website Smell!

After a flurry of work over the last few years, our website was increasingly starting to creak and show its age. We tried to keep inviting it out onto the internet but it really had started forget basic html and basically … Read More

21 Aug '14

Tiff makes The Drum’s ’50 Under 30′

Tiffany got worthy recognition by making The Drum’s Top 50 women in digital under 30.

We are presuming it’s not ranked in order as to paraphrase Brian Clough “In our opinion we wouldn’t say she’s the best woman working in … Read More

05 Nov '13

5 Animals You Should Be Following On Instagram

1) Lil Bub – The tongue happy cat

2) Yoghurt – The pirate dog

3) Norm – The pug

4) Darcy – The flying hedgehog

5) … Read More

07 Oct '13

3.1 Things You Might Want To Know About GIFs

1) GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and was introduced to the world by Compuserve in 1987. To put that in context, that’s the same year that Johnny Marr left The Smiths, which was quite a while ago.

2) … Read More

02 Oct '13

[NEW WORK] Audi RS 6 & scrambled eggs

This morning we launched our latest instalment in #AudiDuel series for Audi UK. Everything about ‘Man vs Machine’ is bigger than its predecessor , not least the 2013 RS 6 Avant; the fastest estate car available in the UK.

Read More

01 Jul '13

Reddit Mondays #3: Omg Awesome Subs

Finding a good subreddit can be hard if you don’t know exactly what it is that you’re looking for….Srsly. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites to help you get started.

Pretty Girls Ugly Faces

“Hey … Read More

21 Jun '13

Rubber Republic Gold Cannes Lion

Very excited to have won a Gold Cannes Lion for the film we wrote, shot and seeded for @CaratUK – Bodyform Responds : The Truth.

We were presented with the award, a Gold Cyber Lion for best Online Video, on … Read More

17 Jun '13

Reddit Mondays: #2 – Speak the language.

Most online forums, groups and communities have their own methods of communication. Little memes, in-jokes and acronyms that can be intimidating to the outside user, but hey, that’s pretty much the whole Internet.

Reddit is no different. So here’s a … Read More