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5 Friday Favourites

Hi. It’s Jess checking in for my last blog this week.

Spending time with Rubber Republic has been a great experience and has given me a real insight into their process of making creative viral content for client brands. I’ve … Read More

Blowing our own trumpet…

As a new year begins, here’s hoping 2013 is as kind to us as last year was.

Early indications are it just might be *touches rubber*

This Slideshare document below is an unashamed round-up of some of our ‘best … Read More

Rapping up 2012

If the world does end tomorrow then at least we will go out with a bang.

Our latest campaign, and last of the year: ‘The Motherhood’ feat. Fiat 5ooL for krow communications, has been every bit as enjoyable as all … Read More

Playable City Award

Here at Rubber HQ we love supporting creativity and fun. Which is why we’re proud to be partnering with our friends at the Watershed to support their Playable City Award. It’s a great new commission open to artists and creatives … Read More

23 Aug '12

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Are you a film/media student? Fancy some work experience?

We have a small, non commercial short that needs editing, just something nice we can post up, and we’d like to give a current student a chance to get some hands-on final cut pro experience over one or two days, … Read More

Conan O’Brien explains the importance of seeding

Conan O’Brien: The ‘Ron Burgundy’ Strategy Drives Viewers from National Cable and Telecommunications Association on

I’m sure you don’t need persuading that a seeding strategy is crucial. But you might need ammunition for someone else less convinced?

This … Read More

Please let us ‘Patron-ize’ you

Lever…age? Arbitr…age? There’s a new ‘…age’ in Business Town and it’s called ‘Patron-age’.

We’ve been trying to decide for a while now how to celebrate genuinely awesome remarkable campaigns?

We wanted something symbolic of ‘Excess’ (smashing campaign targets & … Read More

The ‘Awesome’ is dead. Long live ‘Remarkability’!

I’ve always been slightly uncomfortable with the word ‘awesome’; even when it wasn’t a cliche, ‘awesome’ sounded a bit too American and shouty to be pulled off with conviction on this side of the Atlantic.

And while its sentiment … Read More

YouTube Procrastination

A little while ago I decided to do something dangerous…

I wanted to figure out how much time I’d wasted/procrastinated watching YouTube videos, since I set up an account in February of 2007.

The ‘videos watched’ feature is no longer … Read More

Greetings From SXSW

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of days but I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of things in Austin. According to the locals, this is the biggest SXSW had ever been and judging by the scale of … Read More