Backed by the University of Cambridge, AimHi’s goal is to ‘captivate to activate audiences’ by giving them the biggest picture possible on the climate crisis. A few weeks ago, I took their Climate Masterclass. It was fantastic, and I can’t stop telling everyone I meet to do it themselves. So I thought I would share three things I learnt from the experience:

Positive feedback loops

Kicking off with the scary stuff, as the climate crisis accelerates, the consequences (e.g. melting ice + forest fires) push the global heating to accelerate even more. Despite being called ‘positive’ feedback loops, there is nothing positive about them at all. Therfore, it’s vital we slow down this accelerating cycle of doom.

Where is my mind?

Human psychology has a huge part to play in the climate crisis, and to mitiagte the worst effects, we need to ‘hack’ our thinking. Our big gloopy brains are not wired to understand how quickly things are changing. So therefore we struggle to keep up with the accelerating feedback loop and don’t take it seriously.

How do we win?

‘Winning is often seen to be dominant, but this is at odds with nature’. We need to rethink our systems and understand that we are not seperate from nature and work alongside it to halt biodiversity loss, slow down the feedback loop and move towards a nature-positive society.

I could write so much more about how brilliant AimHi’s climate masterclass is, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you want to take part, sessions runs monthly and you can sign up here: