We’re Rubber Republic, an internationally renowned online content studio. We create ultra-high performing online films, content strategies and projects.

With a string of viral hits and cutting edge work, we have achieved over 35 million organic views and won 22 international awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion, Mashie, Lovie, Dadi, and lots of others ending in “-ie”.

           “ Refreshingly Insane ”

                                     - @RussellCrowe

Why it works?

We strive to make work that is Authentic, Remarkable, Surprising and Entertaining (A.R.S.E is our charming acronym) and we work to a manifesto that we believe helps us deliver outstanding work.


Audi, BBC, Mercedes, Channel 4, Bodyform, Yorkshire Tea, Fiat, Vango, Capcom, Peugeot, Gillette.

Group benefits?

We often partner with sister agency VAN (including the Viral Ad Network) to put together a comprehensive content distribution strategy around all of our work.

Why commission us?

With over a decade of experience in writing, shooting and seeding great award winning work, our expertise in making content that performs online is unrivalled.

Contact us

We’re a small passionate outfit that do big work. That means it’s very easy to talk to us. Give us a call on 0845 680 1220 and ask to talk to Matt, Rory or Hannah, or drop us an e-mail at hannah@rubberrepublic.com


We’ve been lucky enough to win the following awards for our work: