Bodyform: The Truth

Pricking the pomposity of female hygiene advertising, while ridiculing the taboos and awkwardness to talk freely about periods was social dynamite. The internet approved.​


Fan favourite! Over 6 million views and 137k shares

Winner of a Cannes Lion, Mashie, Love Gold, Campaign Media Award and many more

This opportunity came when a Facebook troll tried taking on Bodyform with claims that he felt misled by their advertising. It was a fair point but what Richard had failed to appreciate was that it was for his and most men’s benefit as they ‘simply could not handle the truth’ about menstruation.

Our response to Richard’s original post had to be immediate otherwise the moment would have been missed. We conceived, scripted, filmed and launched a film within 6 days.

This led to close to 100% of those views coming from earned engagement and wide interest from global media outlets including Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, Mashable etc.