April 18, 2012

YouTube Procrastination

A little while ago I decided to do something dangerous…

I wanted to figure out how much time I’d wasted/procrastinated watching YouTube videos, since I set up an account in February of 2007.

The ‘videos watched’ feature is no longer available so if you’d like to find out your own shameful score:

1. copy and paste: and replace USERNAME with your YouTube account username

2. Search for VideoWatchCount

3. Cover your mouth in shock.

Apparently I’ve watched 86,348 videos.

Not satisfied, next, I did a search for the average length of a YouTube video (4 minutes and 12 seconds) and used that to roughly work out how much time I’d wasted. This worked out as around:

21,759,696 Seconds
362,661.6 Minutes
6044 Hours
or about 252 Days.

Which is 3.5 times longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

20 Weeks longer than Bryan Adams spent at number one with Everything I do (I do it for you)

and 183 days longer than the Chilean miners were trapped underground.

In the time I’ve spent watching endless kitten videos, I could have flown around the world 134 times, travelled to the moon 83 times or made to to Mars with 38 days to spare.