December 12, 2008

Youtube Orchestrates a Symphony of Marketing Genius

A campaign that has just grabbed my attention is the Youtube Symphony Orchestra.

It certainly seems to have captured the imagination of the sites budding musicians, with over a million views to the explanatory video. It gives you the chance to be part of a huge interactive orchestra: downloading the sheet music to practice, uploading your recital of it, and then being in with a chance of playing in an orchestra made from the best submitters live at the Carnegie Hall.

This project is a collaboration between YouTube, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Carnegie Hall, conductor Michael Tilson Thomas, composer Tan Dun, and pianist Lang Lang, alongside many other classical music stars and leading institutions.

This is an interesting project as it shows people’s acceptance of new media channels for communicating in the classical music world. This is also a very involving method of promoting the individuals and institutions involved. Encouraging the musicians to practice the piece so they can be involved in the final performance, will mean that they will be thinking of the campaign even when not directly watching the video. Their practice will also affect those in their close proximity creating an awareness of the campaign on a secondary level also, to people who may not have had any contact with the video.

Posted by Ally