November 30, 2009

YouTube turns back the clock in first ad campaign

TV ads, press ads and bus sides is not the most obvious place for YouTube to turn to for its first ad campaign. After all, the YouTube phenomenon was built on the back of online buzz and word-of-mouth.

However, the video-sharing website has turned to traditional media to promote the professionally produced TV programmes it now offers.

YouTube is pushing the content now available following its landmark deal with Channel 4, in which the two parties share the revenue generated by ads shown around the broadcaster’s programming. YouTube now boasts more than 60 + partners including the BBC through which you can watch old episodes of Doctor Who.

From what we’ve seen of the creative so far (check out today’s Guardian for the press ad) they’re not bad at all – simple, well executed and easy on the eye. The great thing about using old media to promote new media is that the campaign will presumably reach out to new audiences, which can only be good for YouTube and advertisers alike.

But it would be great to see YouTube do something smart online, which harnesses the power of seeding.