January 4, 2010

“Yes, we are all individuals”

..or so goes the line in “Life of Brian” This review of Jaron Lanier’s book appear pretty thorough and raises some great points from the book and also from the blogger’s understanding of it. The irony being that a book prefaced with a warning that it will be minced and re-posted across the web, thus obviating the need to read it, was read by me in a minced and republished way.

Click to read the full article

Click to read the full article

January 2010 is probably as good a time as any to consider the web, what it does, what it doesn’t do, what we love about it, what we hate about it (I love that it means I have a job!)- with my favourite line from the article being about wikipedia: “Wikipedia, a mediocre product of group writing, has become the intellectual backbone of the Web.” and reference to “The real customer is the advertiser of the future, but this creature has yet to appear at the time this is being written. The whole artifice, the whole idea of fake friendship, is just bait laid by the lords of the clouds to lure hypothetical advertisers—we might call them messianic advertisers—who might someday show up.”

There- I’ve re-hashed it myself (and hashtagged it too) But go read it yourself by clicking on the image above. I’ve ordered a copy and may one day share my own thoughts on it- set a reminder, yeah?