July 8, 2016

Work with us: internet creative geniuses wanted


Hey there! We’re looking to hire a  writer / creative. This is a full time salaried role in our Bristol office. Want the job?

How to apply

There are two (simple) stages to application which shouldn’t take too much time …we think your creativity is better focussed on answering a few of questions below, not embellishing the CV 😉


Just switch on the camera on your phone, laptop or Alexa to record us a quick piece (under 3 minutes) to camera with your thoughts on what makes online videos ‘shareable’.

Then upload your film to YouTube and include 2x annotated links to:

  1. A film that you yourself have recently shared;
  2. Your favourite piece of branded content.

We won’t judge your submission on cinematography, presentation skills or production quality – just on the strength of your ideas. 

(NB: You will probably also get bonus points if you make us laugh. You can set your video to “unlisted” on YouTube if you don’t want the world to see it!)

When your vid’s ready, just ping us a link and we’ll get back to you for the next part.


So if your film (see above) has humbled us with the depth of your interweb knowledge and you’ve managed to show us the only 2x videos we have managed to miss online 😉 

We now want to see what you are really capable of! 

We will send you a brief and want to see what ideas you’d come back with. (NB – this will not be a live brief but it’s to get a sense of how you’d tackle this). 

Again the focus here should be on simplicity, clarity …and brilliance. How you choose to present these ideas is entirely up to you, but we promise we’ll give you detailed feedback and hopefully a job with the team at Rubber.

Good luck and hope we are talking very soon 🙂

You have distracted me from my creative process