September 7, 2012

Work Space

Browsing through The Cool Hunter earlier I found this beautiful, clutter free work space created by the design demi gods at Synthesis and it got me thinking about my own desk and work environment.

I’d love to be able to say that I’m one of those people that works in a sparse, white pod, furnished with fresh ivory linen and a single, solitary titanium Sharpie, but I’m not. I love clutter and prefer the scatter gun approach. If anyone calls me untidy, I flap my hands and insist that I’m not messy, “I’m creative!” – It doesn’t fly as an excuse but it makes me feel better about my life choices.

So here it is then, this is my little spot at Rubber HQ and these are some of the most important things that I surround myself with.

1) Essential Ryan Gosling Screen.

I’m sure that the whole ‘second screen’ thing is designed to make your working life easier and more efficient. What I’ve basically done here is ignore all that and make it more attractive. For extra creeper points you’ll be pleased to know that I have an entire folder of pictures named ‘The Gos’ and have set my screen to change every 60 minutes. Delivering a fresh slice of Gosling for my eyes to devour every hour, on the hour.

2) Pirate Flag

Our pirate flag acts as a chilling warning to our neighbours and rivals that we are srs bsns.

….Actually that’s not true at all, it’s just a rad sunlight blocker because we’re on the top floor and we’d like to keep our retinas intact.

3) Annoying Plant

I don’t know what purpose this plant serves, In fact I don’t want to know. I just hate it for existing, getting in my way, and constantly falling/getting knocked over due to a lack of structural integrity.

I’m currently counting down the days until its death.

4) Stuff to my immediate right.

Seriously essential things here.
– New mouse mat that has revolutionised my life
– Old chewing gum wrappers. Someone moved my bin and I still haven’t found it.
– Butter knife and teaspoon. No idea on this one… sorry.
– Cocoa Butter Vaseline for chapped lips/shoving in peoples faces and exclaiming “SMELL THIS, it’s DELICIOUS”.

5) Sad Keanu

For even the most hectic days, Sad Keanu provides comfort and perspective. In this version you’ll see he’s eating sushi.

Did you know we have a Pinterest now? If you want more desk based entertainment, head on over and take a look at our ‘Enviable Workspaces’ board, or pretend that’s why you’re there and actually end up looking at our ‘Kawaii’ board and re pinning our kittens.

For realtime pictures of our shenanigans with added filter (not Kelvin filter though, no one ever uses the Kelvin filter) then you can now follow us on Instagram, because we have one.