May 17, 2007

Women Play Games, Spend Money and Dominate U.K. Net

New research from Nielsen/NetRatings show young women, which comprise 18 percent of the population, are the most dominant online group in the United Kingdom, the BBC reports.

The study accounts for women between ages 18 and 34. Their online presence accounts for 27 percent more than computer time elapsed by male counterparts. Of males, the age group exceeding 50 is most prevalent over the Internet.

Childrearing sites dominate the top 10 most popular for women ages 18-34, but high-end stores and social networking destinations are also popular choices. Top sites for the group include Huggies, BBC Parenting, FCUK, and iVillage Parenting Network.

Analyst Alex Burmaster of Nielsen/Netratings pointed out, “if you asked the question ‘who spends the most time on the computer’ – most people would still answer ‘men’.”

He notes the data represents a “seismic shift” from the “techno-geek” days of the Internet domain. Speaking of geek, women also represent 42 percent of online gamers. A recent Forrester study also reported that online clothing sales have finally elapsed those of computer equipment.

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Source: Marketing Vox