August 17, 2007

Wij’s Polar Peril

Furthering our post detailing the increasing amount greenagers populating the internet we at Rubber Republic have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon in the launch of our new game for the kid’s network, a site made by Enable Interactive with funky design by Aardman Animations.

The “Wij’s Polar Peril” game allows the young online environmentalists to shoot eco-baddies with their highly efficient EcoZappa. It’s also designed so your aware just what kind of an environmental impact you’d have if you were to input these practices in real life.

The Webbliworld community has been labelled “the new Myspace for kids” where interactions include personalising Webbli character and sharing interests with other users, earning virtual currency known as Webbles as you go. It really is too cool for school.