June 17, 2010

Why I’m in love with *Bear*

So, my girlfriend is eternally trying to get me to eat more healthily. As part of her fight against my KitKat addiction, she recently started slipping bags of granola into my work bag. And that’s where my love of *Bear* started.

Bear have that talkable small-company thing that Innocent have (had). Their product is pretty simple – small bags of granola, designed as healthy everyday snacks. Yet, with the warmth of their branding they’ve turned their small brand into a hugely talkable and shareable brand. What we like to call a socially awesome brand.

They’re talkable not because they’re small, but talkable because of the small things they do – small things that generally make a consumer smile and share their joy. The tipping point for me was how they call the bar codes on their packs “bear codes” ; – )

It’s these small things that also give a genuine sense that they care – a value which is ever increasingly important in turning brands into socially awesome brands – i.e. brands that make people feel warm, want to get close to and willingly share and advocate.