April 11, 2008

Who said internet parties can get out of control?

Want to throw a party, invite everyone who’s anyone and play the best tunes? Want to be known as the big cheese, Mr/Ms Popular, the party organiser extraordinaire?

…Yet are you strapped for suitable space in which to squeeze these aspirations?

We are proud to present a slick new solution to having your party crashed by Myspacers, Facebookers and the like. On behalf of AIS London, we are now seeding a campaign for O2 called ‘Fill The Floor With Moby’

This truly unique competition can only be described as a popularity contest as the guy or gal with the most friends will emerge victorious. This lucky socialite will then be given the opportunity to throw their very own party at the O2 Arena! Moby has been booked to headline the event; the support acts, the interior, the guestlist, the theme and even the choice of attire for the security staff will be entirely down to Mr/Ms Popular!

So, you think you’re popular? Visit the ‘Fill The Floor With Moby’ site to prove it!