August 1, 2007

Who are Jamodu?

During our Ashes victory over the Aussie’s in 2005 cricket fans were left slightly bemused over the ‘new sponsors’ of The Ashes – an unknown company called Jamodu.

One clever-clogs had gone about setting up a blog under the name of Jamodu and is offering your company “to be part of the craze that is currently sweeping the country” in the form of advertising space, just to earn back the cold hard cash he has said to be spending for his own advertising. Jamodu even got a heads up from Henry Blofeld on Test Match Special. While the Jamodu blog hasn’t had a post in nearly 16 months, new BBC TMS discussions have led to a new wave of traffic and discussion about this mysterious company…

And for reference, the domains and have been registered by a company in the radio frequency sector. I wonder if they’re benefitting from the free advertising from npower, and now us of course