July 27, 2009

Where the hell’s that bass coming from?

We’ve all been there. Driving a car, kids in the back, with the 3 year old saying “Daddy, what’s a viral? Daddy, what’s a viral?” over and over again.

It’s a tricky one- and a debate that raged around our Today Programme Experiment for some time.

Today, to help us in our quest, this landed in the office via TVF Tidbits.

Is this a viral? Happily-sticking-my-neck-out: Yeah. A few of us liked it enough to down our mice/mouses/meece and talk about how great it was. It’s fun, it made us laugh, we sent it to friends, we tweeted it. It’s utterly meaningless and yet we appreciated that someone had taken the time to make something brilliant and fun that enriched our day for 3 minutes. That’s the point in stuff that goes viral (and this was only on 300 views when we saw it, so expect it to be knocking on for 100k by the end of the week)- it gives you something original and unconditional. Well done Swede Mason (whoever you are)- head to his youtube channel and watch the Withnail “Get in the back of Van one” too.