May 15, 2006

What not to do

Having delivered around 50 viral campaigns over the last five years, we’ve seen (and made) a fair few marketing mistakes on our way.

Based around this knowledge and know-how, we’ve developed a guide called “21 Common Mistakes” of what not to do when putting together a viral campaign.

These include:
2) Thinking that viral is about tits, ass and the “ick” factor
8) Thinking viral is just about the internet
12) Commissioning a campaign by saying “I want a game” or “I want a film”
13) Trying to do too much with a single execution
17) Numbers – getting your ROI metrics wrong

Because we’ve seen it all, and made a fair few of these mistakes ourselves, these should give the marketing community a good platform to improve the quality of virals around the net.

To download a .pdf of the full 21 Mistakes guide, click here