February 19, 2020

What is eco-anxiety and what can you do if you have it?

As the Climate Emergency grows and the pressure for society to take action to secure our collective survival snowballs, we are facing a mental health epidemic with the rising wave of eco-anxiety. 

The American Psychological Association defines eco-anxiety is a chronic fear of environmental doom. Recently accelerated by horrific events in Australia and the Bahamas, eco-anxiety is embedding itself further into the mainstream. 

Feeling the pressure from eco-anxiety? Don’t worry you are not alone!

While there are no statistics to determine the number suffering from eco-anxiety, The Ipsos MORI survey in 2019 showed that a whopping 85% of adults in the UK are worried about the wrath of climate change. 

Thankfully the awesome Caroline Hickman, a psychologist from the University of Bath, argues that the condition is an indicator of positive mental health as it causes the individual to engage with the Climate Emergency. 

There is also an easy and hopeful way to heal your climate-related mindfulness as The APA and Psychology Today says we can reap internal pleasure by creating contributions to tackling the Climate Crisis.

Because we are a lovely bunch, we have compiled a list of individual contributions. Big or small, these methods are designed to help ease any eco-anxiety you might be feeling!

1) Ditch plastic bottles, long live reusables!

An easy starter. Switching out disposable bottles for reusables is a brilliant first step in saving the planet. For example, 5m to 13m tonnes of plastic ends up into the world’s oceans every year! On a side note, bottles from brands such as Chillys look undeniably cooler than a crumpled plastic one. 

2) Switch your energy provider.

The energy sector is one of the major contributors to the Climate Crisis, making up 27% of the UK greenhouse gases. By switching to a green energy provider (Good Energy and Ecotricity are the top two in the uk, as they actually make their own renewable electricity), you are standing up against fossil fuels and promoting the power of renewables. This is a positive step for your carbon footprint without changing your lifestyle much!

3) Upcycle food waste

11% of all the emissions from the food industry could be eliminated by upcycling food waste. This 11% is a staggering amount and equates to 37 million cars’ worth of emissions in the US. Websites like ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ give some awesome recipes for the leftovers lurking in your fridge. 

4) Travel differently

The biggest way to rack up your carbon impact is how you choose to travel. Transport is the largest contributor of Greenhouse gases in the UK at 33%.  Easy things you can do every day to reduce this can be using public transport, cycling and walking. If you have a car don’t be ashamed in using it, just think about when you most need it. Also, consider holiday destinations which can be reached by train to reduce or eradicate flying!

5) Use your voice

You have a voice. This is your superpower and you can utilize it by joining groups like Extinction Rebellion, debating your MP, talking with your co-workers or voting! Building community with others and working together to inspire systemic change is our best chance to tackle the Climate Emergency. 

We have declared a Climate Emergency. As individuals and as a business we believe it is paramount to use our influence for good. If you want to know what we are doing as a business please find our Climate Disclosure Report here.

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