February 18, 2019

What being a BCorp means to us: #BTheChange

Last year we became a certified B-Corp.

February marks B-Corp month and to celebrate, we’re focusing on how we work the B-Corp way. So what has it meant to us a year since we got our lovely wooden trophy?

Our awesome wooden B-Corp trophy.

Firstly, we’ve met a bunch of other great companies, with inspirational stories and great teams (and great beer!). We’ve been to a bunch of meet ups with other BCorps at which we’ve learned loads, (and sampled a fair bit of that beer).

We’re still improving, so the below is an ongoing journey, but practically, here are some of the gubbins it’s meant for us, under the hood:



We don’t print call sheets and when we do, we print very few and make sure they are double-sided. We encourage all crew to access call sheets digitally. This way it’s much easier to access the information and it also saves a lot of paper!


We recycle paper from our productions and office activities. Our office actively encourages recycling and food waste disposal. On location, we set up recycling bins and make sure crew are disposing of their rubbish sensibly.


When we are on location during production, we provide compostable coffee cups, plates, napkins and wooden cutlery. We discourage the use of single plastics.

Plates, cups & cutlery on our shoots are 100% compostable.


Crew need to stay hydrated on set, especially during the summer months. We encourage crew to bring their own reusable bottles and we have also purchased water pumps complete with compostable cups. These are great pieces of equipment and really cuts down the unnecessary use of plastic bottles.

Water pumps are a great way of cutting down on plastic waste!


When we have a large crew, it’s not always easy to travel sustainably, however, we always encourage crew to take public transport or cycle to our shoots. Where possible, we also try and travel in groups and lift share.


– We try as much as possible to only use sustainable hotels for our crew.

– We encourage crew to turn off any kit and lights on set when they’re not being used.

– Any props leftover from our film shoots are re-used, recycled or donated to charity. We try our best to stop props from ending up on landfill.

– We have set up a production database crammed full of sustainable hotels, couriers and other useful companies.


We donate £500 of every viable project to a good cause. Rubber Republic employees take it in turns to donate to a charity of their choice.

We also use when making any online purchases. Our current charity on easyfundraising is Coventry Haven Woman’s Aid, who provide emotional, practical support and refuge to victims of domestic violence. So far we’ve raised over £500 for the cause!


We bank with Triodos. Also a B-Corp, they are one of the most sustainable banks in the world and make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change (Triodos Bank, 2019). We fully support this!


These are just some of the ways we are showing our commitment to being a certified B-Corp. If you are interested in finding out more about the B-Corp movement, check out their website here.

Existing B-Corps include Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Pukka Herbs tea company, Triodos bank, clothing brand Patagonia and The Big Issue.

It’s great doing business with a B-Corp. If you want to have a natter with us about how you become one, what the process is etc. then get in touch!

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