June 11, 2018

We’re Hiring! Creative Intern

Rubber Republic, an award winning entertainment studio based in Bristol, is opening its doors this Summer for its first ever intern program.

We want to meet as many talented creative folks as possible, get inspired by you and offer PAID valuable work experience at an exciting and dynamic production studio.

About Us

We are a collective of writers, film-makers, compulsive content sharers and digital tinkerers, all united in the belief that if anything has a hope of getting shared it needs to be pretty remarkable in the first place.

Writing is at the heart of what we do. We conceive, shoot and post-produce all of our content. Having done this for over a decade, we have more experience (and a few awards to boot) than many others who claim they can do the same.

See what we’ve done lately HERE

About You

You live and breathe the Internet, and voraciously consume and share content on the regular: news articles, videos, gifs, great imagery – whether it’s through your own blog/vlog, through your preferred social platform of choice or just shouting through a megaphone out of an open window.

You’ve got something to say. You can make us laugh and you’re a hard worker.

What You’ll Be Doing

You’ll be supporting the lead creative team, working on live briefs, helping out on film shoots and working with us to come up with concepts and executions that will make headlines, generate views and make the Internet a little bit more playful.

What We’re Looking For

Excellent standard of written and verbal English
We’re looking for clear communicators.

Independent thinking
This isn’t really an environment for people who need a lot of hand holding and supervision, so ideally we need you to be someone who can think for themselves and pick things up quickly, see when help is needed, and offer to muck in.

Appetite for learning
We don’t expect you to know everything, but we’re looking for someone thirsty for info who’s passionate and has the desire to fill in the gaps and absorb new information quickly.

Research skills
Can you navigate your way around the Internet? Look beyond the first page of Google for answers? Pick up the phone and talk to people? You might just be what we’re looking for.

Good aesthetics
We like things to look good. Maybe you do too. From pitches to mood boards to films, we are looking for someone with a good eye for visuals.


We are looking for a diverse range of people who can bring fresh perspectives, experiences and voices to the table. We don’t just want to hear from media graduates and film makers. We want to hear from people from all backgrounds who can offer something new. We value keenness and a willingness to be proactive / try over having a perfectly polished skill set.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The Details

You’ll be based in our office in central Bristol, UK.

The internship lasts for one week and is paid. You will need to be available for one week over the summer period.

To apply send us an email. That’s it.

You should include:

  • A bit about you & your background
  • Why you’re interested in interning at Rubber
  • Where you hang out online
  • The last thing that made you laugh
  • Anything else you think we need to know

Email and we’ll get in touch to arrange you coming in for a cuppa.


NB: You must have a right to work in the UK.