October 28, 2016

We’re featured in a new report – on ‘New Content Creators’

We were pleased to be asked recently to contribute to a new publication from the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). They were putting together a report on ‘New Content Creators’ – so Matt, our Director, spoke to them about our experience producing films for online audiences and how that differs from the broadcast/TV model.

Apparently, this is ‘the first ever survey of the working culture of producers of non-broadcast content’. We were one of more than 30 production companies and suppliers featured in the report, so there’s lots of interesting industry info/insight in there.

The report highlights just how different it is working in social/online video, compared to the world of independent television production companies. It goes on to pose some questions to the industry about how creative cultures will evolve in the next few years (such as, ‘are the new content creators fundamentally changing what it means to make media – to the benefit of everyone?’ As one of those ‘new content creators’, let’s hope so!)

You can get the full report from the DPP website.