September 30, 2016

We won a thing – Lovie Award for ‘Head vs Heart’ (Nordeus/Top Eleven)

What’s the right reaction these days when winning an award? Run around the streets cheering your own greatness over a loudhailer in an embarrassing display of self-congratulation? Play it cool and brush it off like it’s no big deal? Go for a bit of overly-self-aware, meta questioning of the right way to celebrate winning an award?! :p

Let’s not overthink this: we enjoy making the work we do, we’re proud when it delivers for clients and it’s a nice extra cherry on top if/when a project then gets recognition in the form of an industry gong. So yay that Nordeus’s ‘Head vs Heart’ campaign for Top Eleven, featuring our ‘José & Josie’ film, came home a winner in the 2016 Lovie Awards, in the online advertising category. Big thanks to Nordeus, Google, Football Daily, José Mourinho and everyone else who made it happen.