May 12, 2017

Wanted: trend hunter/researcher

We need someone to keep up to date with trends and turn that knowledge into excellent ideas for branded (and sometimes unbranded) online video content.

You should live and breathe social media, and voraciously consume and share content on the regular: news articles, videos, gifs, great imagery – whether it’s through your own blog/vlog, through your preferred social platform of choice or just shouting through a megaphone out of an open window.

A thirst and an appetite for good social video, branded content and dank memes is what we’re looking for.

You’ll be supporting the lead creative team, working on live briefs, helping out on film shoots and working with us to come up with concepts and executions that will make headlines, generate views and make the Internet a little bit brighter and less depressing.

Actual skills

Excellent standard of written and verbal English
We’re looking for clear communicators. People what talk good and write even gooder. We will want you to be able to express yourself, your ideas and opinions distinctly through pitches, creative sessions and more. Good English = very important.

A head for numbers
Social video isn’t just about the creative. Sometimes it’s about looking at the numbers, especially post campaign so we can drill into the science of why some things work, and some things don’t. So, if you’re able to wrangle a spreadsheet without breaking into hives, know your way around a calculator and can do some decent maths we might be on to a winner here.

Independent thinking
This isn’t really an environment for people who need a lot of hand holding and supervision, so ideally we need you to be someone who can think for themselves and pick things up quickly and see when help is needed, and offer to muck in.

Appetite for learning
We often find ourselves taking on briefs that require a lot of weird and wonderful knowledge. One day you could be talking to parents and getting real stories to use in a script, the next day you could be learning everything there is to know about urban beekeeping. We don’t expect you to know everything, but we’re looking for someone thirsty for info who’s passionate and has the desire to fill in the gaps and absorb new information quickly.

Research skills
Can you navigate your way around the Internet? Look beyond the first page of Google for answers? Pick up the phone and talk to people? You might just be what we’re looking for.

Good aesthetics
We like things to look good. Maybe you do too. From pitches to mood boards to films, we are looking for someone with a good eye for visuals.

Desirable skills

(These are nice to have but all can be taught, so don’t worry if you don’t tick all the boxes.)

  • Basic knowledge of filmmaking
  • Experience using Adobe creative suite, Photoshop, Premier etc
  • Mind blowing tea-making capabilities. (Though desirable, it’s technically an essential skill and all insipid cups of tea may be met with gentle scorn, eye rolling and whining/complaining)

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The logistics

You’ll be based in our office in central Bristol, UK. This is a junior role, with exact salary dependent on experience.

To apply, drop a CV (please, no more than one side of A4) along with a snappy introduction to who you are and a link to something you think we might not have seen to and we’ll get in touch to arrange you coming in for a cuppa.