April 29, 2016

Wanted: businesses doing good

Here’s the key to good social advertising: mutual benefit.

It’s the shift away from The Advertiser attempting to bait or con or bludgeon Attention out of an unaware or even unwilling Victim Viewer – and towards, instead, both parties wanting to be there and getting something out of the material.

Whenever we’re coming up with a campaign, we’re looking for opportunities for mutual benefit: great stories that people want to hear told and that reflect something about our customer’s brand.

And we’re convinced that there’s one such fantastic match in businesses doing ‘social good’.



Yes, ‘social good’ as in questions of environmental sustainability and wider community benefit. Planting trees and tending bees and, y’know, adopting more ethical sourcing protocols. Although, really, it’s a bit less tangible than that – it’s more an ethos or an outlook or a culture than some set number of tick-box activities from a prescribed list of ‘friendly-looking CSR initiatives’.

Now, of course, yes, nothing’s perfect and everything’s a bit broken and no company is ever going to be completely, unambiguously ‘good’ and free from messiness.

But there are businesses and brands who are being intentional and creative and positive about not doing nothing – about doing some good where they can. Taking opportunities to try and operate on a different culture than just ‘maximum profit, no matter the cost’.

There are moments and actions and choices towards trying to do social good that say something about your business. And people want to hear about those.

Our business is taking good stories, telling them well and delighting people into sharing them more widely. So if you’re one of these companies – a business or brand trying to do some social good and needing to up your social sharing game – talk to us. They’re good stories that audiences want to hear and we want to tell. We can make them into content that you love and we love and, most importantly, that viewers love. Win-win-win.