October 25, 2007

Wahey for Bristol Day!

“Brizzle iz gert lush innit bled?” I think what the Carling scented and Lonsdale attired individual is implying is that Bristol is in fact, well good.

And for the many companies who choose to occupy Bristolian offices there will be an extra bank holiday, aptly named ‘Bristol Day’ on the 26th October. That nice chap Andrew Parkhouse from media coolkids ‘Team Rubber’ thought to himself “There are no bank holidays between August and Christmas. How silly,” and an energy efficient lightbulb illuminated and Bristol Day was born.

Well, nearly. Naturally he didn’t want to look foolish and so he set up a Bristol Day pledge asking ten other companies to do the same. There’s even a campaign group of Facebook devoted to Bristol Day which gained 133 members. And Andrew has great enthusiasm for the name of his annual holiday. “Because we thought it up in Bristol – ‘The city that brought you an extra day off.'” Better than Vicky Pollard putting us on the map, eh?

By Joanna, the Bristolian coolkid