November 26, 2007

Viral business

A while back we worked on a project for Fortis with the guys from Naked Amsterdam. Chatting to them it was interesting to hear that the success of Naked’s amazingly successful campaign for the Number (more famously known as 118 118) was not routed in the creation of their famed wacky moustached 118 118 characters, but instead in a more fundamental piece of business advice – the advice to invest in buying the number 118 118.

This advice helped shape their business in a way that millions of marketing pounds couldn’t have done – it was advice that made their business truly viral. Naked had turned the Number into a viral business.

Creating a truly viral business is every marketing manager and MDs dream. Owning a business with a product so unique or a name so catchy that it virtually markets itself is worth millions of marketing pounds.

Unfortunately most businesses don’t have this, and so have to employ people like ourselves to try to cook up the viral magic for them. Which we do willingly (and well!).

Although interestingly we’ve been cooking up viral business ideas behind the scenes at Rubber Towers, and practicing what we preach. The first B2C business proposition we’ve been testing out is a sock subscription company called We’re still tinkering with the idea at the mo, however if you’re looking for a present this Christmas look no further than our wonderful sock collection!

More on viral business ideas soon . . .