Hackett: Viral Trilogy

Cocktail Skydive

Making a cocktail in freewill over the Portuguese coast isn't as easy as you might think. But we actually did it with two of the world's best skydivers kitted out in Hackett's crease proof suits​


Smashed viewing targets with over 2.2 million views

Featured in GQ Magazine, Fashion Times and more

The 70mph Skater

We took renowned downhill longboard legend Liam Morgan to bring to life the ultimate skateboarding fantasy, travelling at high speed on a racing circuit.


Over 1.1 million views

Gained press in Skatehouse Media, Longboardism, Marksman and Williams Martini Racing

The Coolest Pitstop Ever

Described by Ferrari's team manager as the 'coolest F1 video' ever, we filmed a pit stop crew do their thing in epic slow motion whilst kitted out in Hackett Suits.


Over 750k views and 25k shares

Featured in GQ Magazine