Wellcome Trust: Covid-19

We worked with Wellcome to strategise how to respond to the demand for information on the COVID-19 Vaccines, in a way that made information accessible and digestible to a broad audience.


We worked with Havesh5 to visualise the vaccine rollout and gained 406k views

Shared by key figures such as Sir Jeremy Farrar, UNICEF & GAVI

Pulling together a crack team of strategists, academics, PR wizzes and our in house content team, we created a bespoke communications framework in a matter of weeks, and used this to structure a communications hub of content, from snackable animations to deeper explainers.

The content itself was then shared on Wellcome channels, and those of partners such as UNICEF, GAVI, scientific partners such as Prof Luke O’Neil and influencers such as international domino influencer @Hevesh5 – ensuring we were balancing depth and reach in our outreach.