Fossil Fuel Phase Out

Remember this? Ahead of COP28, we remixed the infamous DVD Piracy PSA to call on governments to put an end to fossil fuels and transition towards a nature-positive future.

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Shared by influential green businessman Dale Vince.

A climate summit headed up by the Chief Exec of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, what could possibly go wrong? At times, COP28 felt like a Brass Eye revival special focusing on the climate crisis.

To call on leaders, policy makers and key stakeholders to stop bankrolling outdated fossil fuels, we parodied the ‘You Wouldn’t Steal a Car’ PSA.

Our strong demands combined with the hilariously over-serious tone of the original felt like the perfect formula to contain important messaging in a fun way. The release was designed to coincide with new reports that revealed the practical possibility of a fossil fuel phase out.

We distributed the film through ‘00 nostalgia accounts to reach people who may remember the original film. Our overall message was simple, start funding the future through cheaper, cleaner and more efficient fossil fuels.