Mercedes Benz: The Catch

One of our biggest viral hits: We teamed up with Mercedes Benz and creative agency Weapon7 to catch a gold ball in a moving car. The result? We broke a world record and smashed the target views out of the park. ‚Äč


Smashed view targets: Gained over 2.8 million views and 80k shares

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We did quite a bit of maths, some more maths and then some really hard maths and managed to get to the point where we thought it was possible. Then we went out on a beautiful sunny day and attempted something that had never been done before. Did we do it? Of course we did it!

We caught the ball, set a world record and got a bit sunburned. The film gained over 2.8 million views, and huge press pickup internationally, as well as lodging Mr Coulthard, us, Weapon 7 and Mercedes-Benz in the Guinness Book of Records.