Make My Money Matter: Perfect Match

This Valentine’s Day, we worked with our friends at Make My Money Matter, B-Corp UK and the hilarious Aisling Bea to get people to consider dumping pensions


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For many people, a pension will become the biggest lump of money they ever have, and it’s left in one place for decades. If that place is an oil companies share portfolio or an arms company’s bank account then whatever great stuff you do in your day to day, you could be outweighing it by funding and profiting from CO2 emissions and wars.

However, there are more and more ethical options becoming available. The perfect pension is one which cares about the environment, doesn’t do anything dodgy behind your back and invests in your children’s future. With the help of the wonderful Aisling Bea, a fantastic cast and the Love Actually soundtrack, we identified people’s perfect match.